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Our Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services

Homes Up to 2,000 Square Feet ($180)*
Homes Up to 4,000 Square Feet ($300)

*Prices DO NOT include any gratuities, sales tax or trip fees. Trip fees are $10 within a 30 mile radius of Minneapolis/St. Paul. $25 for locations outside of the 30 mile radius.

We provide an extensive list of standard cleaning services every time we are in our regular clients homes. Promotional cleaning services are based on the time purchased in the promotion. Please consider contacting us today to become a regular client. Additional services are available upon request. 

Standard Cleaning Services

Living Areas & Bedrooms:
- All of your carpeting is vacuumed
- Sweep and mop all hard floor surfaces
- All stairs are vacuumed
- Flat surface areas are dusted with a damp cloth
- Your Marble is hand washed
- We tidy your room appearance
- Dust all your furniture and knickknacks
- Your linens are changed if requested
- Your beds are made
- Cobwebs are removed

- Your bathtubs and tile walls are cleaned
- Shower, shower doors and walls are cleaned
- All mirrors are cleaned
- The sinks and countertops are cleaned
- Hard floors are mopped
- Your toilet is cleaned
- All fixtures are cleaned
- We wipe down outside your cabinets, drawers and cabinet faces
- All cobwebs removed

- Your kitchen sinks are scrubbed
- All countertop appliances are cleaned
- Your refrigerator exterior is wiped down
- The outside of your range hood is cleaned
- The top of your range is cleaned
- Kitchen countertops are cleaned
- The exterior of large appliances are cleaned
- The inside and outside of your microwave is cleaned
- Your table and chairs are cleaned
- Your trash is emptied
- All cobwebs are removed